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Zoom Tastings now available

I am sure a lot of you remember Al – the resident wine tutor at Calistoga. His services are now available for hire at a premises of you choice be it your office, your home, your garden (weather permitting)

Al will come along and set-up a tasting of up to 8 wines. The cost will a fixed fee of £75 plus the cost of the wines used on the day.  The wines will average about £12 a bottle so a tasting of six wines would cost about £150 – that would give you enough wine for up to 18 people so less than £10 per person.

We would tailor each tasting to suit your budget with the number, quality and quantity of wines.

For more info or to book email

Zoom Tastings

We are now offering Tastings by Zoom. Al, our wine tutor, will broadcast his live, interactive tasting directly to you and friends. A great way to get together without getting together!

How it works –

Tell us your wine budget, we work out the wines, transfer your wine into little 75ml bottles and deliver them to your party’s addresses round Edinburgh. Al will host your tasting. The next day, we pick-up the little bottles for future use.

How long? –

The tasting will last between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the number of wines you choose to have.

What do you need? –

All the participants will need an electronic device with a camera such as a tablet, laptop or even just a smartphone, internet access and a wine glass or two.

How Much?

We charge a £75 fee for the tasting plus the cost of the wines. This would work out about £50 to £75 depending on the number of wines in your tasting allowing for 1 bottle of each. 1 bottle is enough for about 12- 14 people.

Any extras? –

Deliveries outside Edinburgh would be charged extra, any unreturned bottles would also be charged at £1 per bottle.

Email for more details.